Sunday, 3 April 2016


I made the slow weary dragging’s
In the wild sea of thickets
And never stood aloof at the impediments
Striving tooth and nail
In strange infatuation of hopeless toil
With the sparks of life dying within my dark soul
Hunting for love; in the betrayal jungle
And I thought; love is no love

Nudging, wriggling and wedging
Holding onto my inflexible path
I discovered; love is love
At the meeting of the true minds
Sunken bottomless into either’s hearts
Despite their a million differences
They choose to be one; an impulse in either’s veins
With straightforwardness in bewildered worlds
Day after day; writhing through the shades
To define love; a love of the true minds
@ 2016
Saddie Smiles


Baby, this is the Reason I always want you with Me

Baby; It is true, that I don’t know how to give up on you because I just can't do it like the way I can’t stop breathing. ...