Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lord, If You Don't Come Back Soon

Lord, if you don't come back soon,
I am afraid
That you will find them all stinking,
With no single soul to save.

You will get them -
The rich grandfathers
Busy in new families
With their poor slaying granddaughters
As the new family mothers, to raise the expected new generation.

Yes, I mean it,
Just peer through the clouds from above,
And you'll see them, the single mothers,
keeping each other's poor slaying sons as dolls,
Because your orders on marriage, no longer makes sense to them.

The men,
Left their homes after siring, Lord
Afraid of their responsibilities,
Thanks to the new insane inventions, they say,
"Samantha Bae," the new sex doll in town,
Is their remedy.

I went to church,
To call unto you, seeking for our redemption,
But Lord, I fell sick.
I found Juliet wedding Harriet,
and next week of course,
The priest announced,
That it will be Jay and James

Lord, do you see these from heaven?
Do you think this is the human apocalypse?
Are you coming back for the few sane souls remaining?
I am afraid,
If you don't come back soon,
There will be no clean soul to save, Lord.

Sadique Kwatsima

Photo: Sadique Kwatsima

When Love Slumbers

When Love Slumbers,
The nostalgic moments of glad grace
and the sad moments of bitter tears
All dry up with the rising of the sun
Layering into deep and inextricable memories

Sadique Kwatsima

Photo by:
Suresh Kumar

I Saw Him Wreathe

I saw him wreathe
In deep unfathomable pain,
But as sweet as he could bear,
He maintained the bold smile.
Although his blackened hue
Remained mournful.

Sadique Kwatsima

Photo By: Sadique Kwatsima

Trapped (Depression Awareness)

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