Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Adors of Success

Times come when things fall apart,
And a wall seems to be setting you apart.
Do not be torn apart,
Even though the victory from you seems far apart!

When your eyes glow dim,
With everyone looking at you grim,
And so high is the wall’s brim,
Keep on chasing the dream!

Go an extra mile,
Keep on with a smile,
Because it is an added file,
Over your competitor’s pile!

Climb up the top,
No matter how many times you tumble from the top,
Till you grip right tight at the top,
Watching out not to drop!

When you become an icon,
Reach out for the horizon,
Watching for the devil’s beckon,
Not to be trapped in its weapon!

And there pick up the success,
Long fought for in excess,
Henceforth live to serve high ideals,
Upholding your ethos!

By Sadique K. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016


In the long search, an insatiable search for a mate
Sprawling in the wilderness of sentiments
My eyes tumbled upon, what whom I thought
A wingless angel, heavenly sent
That almost compelled me to go and tap
The curvedly-waist conformed ample back
And have a clear scene of the angelic face
On the turn of her neck, well set high.

My heart was baked in love at first sight
A belief I never knew was real
And this surely gave me a reason
To believe this
And develop a courage
To face the destiny, a fortune in disguise
And see it come to an appellation
Of The Duel of Fate
A fate hidden in the stars of the night


Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I keep coming, however much I fail
It's not a routine thing, but a heart's will
Despite the many bruises in the battle
I find a reason to fight still
Till we both grow a common wing
And fly with the same thrill!

Many a time, I've tumbled off your wall
And even my little faith has almost faded
Giving up the fight, but I remember,
It's never the size of the dog in the fight
But the size of the fight in the dog
And my last debilitated breaths 
down my chest pushes me for you
Crippling my life, a slave of yours
Even on my death bed, fighting for you!

I still believe in love and wonder
And the many failures, spark my desire
For winning you even more
That's why I keep coming
Forgetting at times, that it's a nightmare
But the other crime ain't fairer either
Because giving up on you
Is a cessation of my existence, suicide!

Queen, I keep coming because I need you
And I'll keep coming till I own you
Make you comfortable in my lovely bowers
Bowers of innocent harmonizations
Prodding an incantation of an endless bond
That we both shall live to taste
The sweetness, the smiles, hugs and tears
From our spring, defined by you and I 
My love: Success!

By Sadique Kwatsima

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