Saturday, 24 March 2018

My Nighttide Companion

Just the rains tapped the roof out of boredom.
Silky winds penetrated my light white shirt
And I felt the breeze caress me, like no one ever did.
I had just fallen off from the world, plunging into a dark abyss of nothingness.

A fire burned inside my heart,
And I fought, even though victory was impossible.
Fatigue plagued me like an infectious disease,
But I continued to hold on, to hold on what I believed was meant to be mine.

My eyes kept staring in the corridor,
Corridor that was filled with darkness
Darkness that swallowed everything,
Everything except my nighttide companion.

Stuck in a moment of inescapable terror,
I looked into my companion’s eyes,
They faintly shone red
They disturbed, they frightened.

“Sadness seems a place here,”
Barked my companion.
“Are you any happier, roaming in the rainy devil’s glory minding about people’s sadness?
I defensively asked.

“So what brings you here, at this nighttide?”
I continued, with a fake courage.
“How did he even know about my dry bread eaten in darkness?” I wondered.
Right inside me was a frightened child, as helpless as a broken winged bird.
“Might it be her?” He sarcastically asked, flapped his wings, and flew away.


An hour of darkness!
Tears profusely fell from my face,
Like blood from an open wound.
Why at this lone hour? Would my companion come back and explain more?

It was at this hour because dawn was yet to come,
The sun was coming; and darkness would have no room again; maybe until the next dusk.
The nighttide companion would never return; maybe until the next dusk.
But what if I just transfigured? Then not again, shall they ever return!

This is the end,
The resolution of the dilemma that troubled my soul,
Always to near perfection, give the soul what it wants even when all seem an illusion,
And when dawn finally came; I was a greater experienced man!

Sadique Kwatsima

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Someday, Not Today

If we part today, honey,
Someday, not today,
We’ll all hurt so much, and feel so lonely.

If I ever lose you today,
My grief will always mourn.
My grief will always pant.

I will walk in this wide world,
I will trek to yonder and yonder,
I will trek beyond the grey horizons.

I will go everywhere seeking peace.
I will regret losing you,
I will cry for not being careful with you.

You’re full of grace,
The best human I’ve ever met, the one my heart chose.
So innocent, yet so lovely. So fulfilling!

Someday, not today,
If I lose you because of my folly,
I will go far away to wilt in my own silence, and shall never return again!

Sadique Kwatsima


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sonnet 3: My Side, Your Side

Good things can be bad if you focus on their bad side.
Bad things can be good if you focus on their good side.
If you come on my side,
I'll show you my bad side,
But let you discover my good side.
Whether you stay by my side,
Or choose to go your side,
It's all acceptable, and I will abide.
Everything just has a dark and a bright side,
But it all depends on how dark is the dark side,
and how bright is the bright side.
And as usual, people will judge your side,
But you should never feel bad about being on your side
Because it's the best of your world's side.

Sadique Kwatsima


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