Monday, 25 June 2018

Pavilion of Our Eternity

Source: Deviant Art

Like a season gives way to another,
our love came when we'd given up on asking love to come.

First, I thought it was part of a miracle
until I reached deep into my dreams, and hugged you in reality.

Like a theme in an old song,
I love thee. How do I love thee? I can't tell, I can't explain.

I was allured to the soft harmony with your graceful walk,
do you remember when you first walked to me?

The colorfully rendered contours on your dress
formed a flowing cascade of magical drapery,
expressing a mysterious secret:
a haunting, unsettled yearning in my heart, for you.

You looked into my eyes,
and I was drawn to your face's silent and magical features.
The very first moment, I wanted to touch your clean skin,

Today, and for forever,

I want to hold you close like I am hope,
let our embrace press our promises like flowers in a book,
living to share our common love
in the pavilion of our eternity.

Source: Sugarmints artblog

By Sadique Kwatima
Copyright: 2018

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