Monday, 5 December 2016


Strong winds do violently shake trees,
The wind still goes away.
Though some are left uprooted,
And others broken-unselective parts,
Some grow again, others never fight on.

Again and Again,
Standing trees are still shaken
By the haunting ghostly winds
But they choose to stand on
And this makes nature beautiful.
But the uprooted ones are thrown into fire
And soon are all forgotten as their smoke fades into the skies

Their strengths lies in the depth of their roots
And not the greenly flourishing shoots
And they know what to cling on
To beautify nature
And leave a Legacy
And not be forgotten on an overnight


Tuesday, 8 November 2016


SONNET: A personal moment during a nature walk. What do I see? What do I feel? To whom am I talking?

A moist calm cloudy evening
I stare at your ripples
Seated by your shores
Your calmness holding my emotions
And my heart turned into your untouched linings
My eyes are married to your unruffled surface
Joining the lonely floating clouds
And i wonder,
Do we have a common thought?

And so i chose to stay
Losing my scent of ever adventuring knees
But live in your enchantment
And listen to the inner borrowed voices
Hidden under your water, shaping my thoughts!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Adors of Success

Times come when things fall apart,
And a wall seems to be setting you apart.
Do not be torn apart,
Even though the victory from you seems far apart!

When your eyes glow dim,
With everyone looking at you grim,
And so high is the wall’s brim,
Keep on chasing the dream!

Go an extra mile,
Keep on with a smile,
Because it is an added file,
Over your competitor’s pile!

Climb up the top,
No matter how many times you tumble from the top,
Till you grip right tight at the top,
Watching out not to drop!

When you become an icon,
Reach out for the horizon,
Watching for the devil’s beckon,
Not to be trapped in its weapon!

And there pick up the success,
Long fought for in excess,
Henceforth live to serve high ideals,
Upholding your ethos!

By Sadique K. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016


In the long search, an insatiable search for a mate
Sprawling in the wilderness of sentiments
My eyes tumbled upon, what whom I thought
A wingless angel, heavenly sent
That almost compelled me to go and tap
The curvedly-waist conformed ample back
And have a clear scene of the angelic face
On the turn of her neck, well set high.

My heart was baked in love at first sight
A belief I never knew was real
And this surely gave me a reason
To believe this
And develop a courage
To face the destiny, a fortune in disguise
And see it come to an appellation
Of The Duel of Fate
A fate hidden in the stars of the night


Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I keep coming, however much I fail
It's not a routine thing, but a heart's will
Despite the many bruises in the battle
I find a reason to fight still
Till we both grow a common wing
And fly with the same thrill!

Many a time, I've tumbled off your wall
And even my little faith has almost faded
Giving up the fight, but I remember,
It's never the size of the dog in the fight
But the size of the fight in the dog
And my last debilitated breaths 
down my chest pushes me for you
Crippling my life, a slave of yours
Even on my death bed, fighting for you!

I still believe in love and wonder
And the many failures, spark my desire
For winning you even more
That's why I keep coming
Forgetting at times, that it's a nightmare
But the other crime ain't fairer either
Because giving up on you
Is a cessation of my existence, suicide!

Queen, I keep coming because I need you
And I'll keep coming till I own you
Make you comfortable in my lovely bowers
Bowers of innocent harmonizations
Prodding an incantation of an endless bond
That we both shall live to taste
The sweetness, the smiles, hugs and tears
From our spring, defined by you and I 
My love: Success!

By Sadique Kwatsima

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Intrinsic Motivation

Feeling low 
One sunny evening
I sat on a greeny ground
I thought of what builds a man

And sacrifice

Are the words, yes,
That drives a man with a visions
That build courage in a man when it seems to fail
That restore hope when it becomes distant 
That create buoyancy when a man is crushed with defeat

When I stood up 
I was a rejuvenated man again
And surely when you can't find an inspiration in the world
Then dig it up from your own self

Monday, 25 July 2016


If you find someone
That does not have to change you
If you find someone
That does support you
If you find someone
That really appreciates you
Then you have found the one who really loves you

If it doesn’t matter
How many times you say sorry to each other
If it doesn’t matter
How many fights you pick up with each other
If it doesn’t matter
How many times you become a bother to each other
Then you are destined to live for each other

Just say you love each other
And you can no longer hide it
Just say you love each other
And you don’t have to spend to bond it
Just say you love each other
And you can never get over it
Then you have to live with it

Let your lover know
That you have always wanted to say this
Let your lover know
It’s something you can’t deny just like this
Let your lover know
That you have always loved her more than this
More than your own life.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

One Day, Some Day

One day,  some day
I shall stop this trek
And look back with a sigh
At the meanders I've trodden

Weary and weak
I know i will be
Grey and bent
Shaky and wiser

The good deeds 
The worst moments
The inevitable wrong encounters
I know,  all shall be beautiful,  
Beautiful memories over the decades

A fading smile on my lips
And sharp white aging eyes
Shall see beyond the azure
Seeing the rest of the journey
That shall need no more energy

My heart,  worry of my deeds now
For that's what shall remain
My soul,  worry of my feelings today
For that's what I'll carry along
My body,  worry of my heart and soul everyday, 
For they shall define me,  thereafter.


Sunday, 10 July 2016



Save us, Lord
For this world is craze
And the minds of men are raveling
Possibilities that we can’t even dare think of
Right now they come true, Lord

Tomorrow, I hear
There will be a great wedding
Harriet marries Juliet
And yesterday, I witnessed
World media broadcast and praise
Wallace wed Wales
It’s only the sane that fast for forgiveness

Bam! Bam! Bam!
Nights in the graveyards
Tuning jigs, awakening the dead spirits
Leaders who have to intercede for us to you Lord,
Now busy casting magical spells on us
Seeking to turn us into their own slaves
And more evil charms prodded for protection
Save us Lord.

Lord, today the first duty of the society, justice,
Is betrayed by the society
And even the courts are afraid
To impose charges on deadly dragons
That exhale fire on the whole nation leaving it in smoke and ashes
But sentence butterflies to imprisonment and torture
Who shall stand in for the poor?

The world is insane, the world is insane
Who shall stand with the sane?
Who shall stand with the believers?
Who shall stand with the just?
Save us, Lord.

Sadique 2016

Monday, 13 June 2016

When Tomorrow Comes

When Tomorrow Comes

I shall go and never look back
My shaky steps shall strengthen
And I shall take my ego back
My neck shall no longer bend down
And my mouth will never sulk

The beautiful memories shall wither
And fresh monuments shall grow
My eyes will shine brighter
And the new memories shall glow
And I shall be to you no hither. 

That it was never meant for us, 
Sorry, it was never meant to be
And I could never force a pass
Where my bane was to be
But rather had to find my own brace

Surging forward with a bliss
My trek shall sink into a beauty of a new life, 
And the past gives me no reasons
Than the future's reason for strife-
A perfect life full of unaltering love in all seasons! 


Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Whistling Thorn

The Whistling Thorn

As the western horizon touched her bosom to the red sun,
I believed they had a much more sensation,
A sensation than they habitually showed
And of much greater capacities than they ever developed.

My shrill,  breathy sounds
Gentle in the whispers of winds
This time,  prodded unusual enchatments
In my umbrella-bower of harmonizations
. .. Gazing at either's living eyes
With felicity crowning their faces
They sunk into a sweet forgetness
And clasped either's soft lips
In an affection and a love they told always
And rekindled a burning incense of their hearts

Saddie Smiles

Thursday, 7 April 2016


I follow my own fiery traces through the night
Guided by the dictates of my conscience
- Prodded in sessions of sweet silent thought -
I take bold steps with enough patience
Sure of two things like a knight;
Victory or cessation of my existence

What is to come is still unsure
But all these I still endure
In my mind's keening
Until I feel the world’s a heaven
When the journey ends
With one more abounding hope
Even In the shadow of a tomb

@2016 TM

Monday, 4 April 2016



The beautiful ripples
On the greenly banked dam
Rippled in my heart
Echoing its fast beats
In the dance of the beautiful bloom
Of the flowery peeping weedy flat
Causing it immortal nostalgic warts:

Once upon a time with no ripples
Two hearts sat beside the dam; warm
One with an icy silhouette
And the other with live love beats
Alas! The ice melted at temperatures climb
And love was betrayed to rot
By the dam; where all was sparked; now; ripples lasts

Sadique @2016

Sunday, 3 April 2016


I made the slow weary dragging’s
In the wild sea of thickets
And never stood aloof at the impediments
Striving tooth and nail
In strange infatuation of hopeless toil
With the sparks of life dying within my dark soul
Hunting for love; in the betrayal jungle
And I thought; love is no love

Nudging, wriggling and wedging
Holding onto my inflexible path
I discovered; love is love
At the meeting of the true minds
Sunken bottomless into either’s hearts
Despite their a million differences
They choose to be one; an impulse in either’s veins
With straightforwardness in bewildered worlds
Day after day; writhing through the shades
To define love; a love of the true minds
@ 2016
Saddie Smiles

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