Saturday, 12 May 2018


I have seen you stand by my side,
for all of my life,
when my heart was torn open,
when my heart bled,
when my heart rejoiced.

Altogether alone, we have fed on darkness,
Going through my growth transitions -
Full of shattered dreams
Full of broken hearts
Full of lost hopes.

But Mama,
when I was helpless at all these times,
you always let me collapse into your laps.
And your kiss, was like forgiveness,
Your embrace, was like new hopes.

you carried me on your back,
taken me through losses,
through alleys full of sharp knife-edges,
never giving up on me.

Even in my cracked perfection, Mama,
you still looked at me, and smiled,
a smile brilliant like the sun.
Today, you're still the flawless light to me,
when darkness rowels my air.

And everyday, Mama,
we are always moving towards a beautiful destination,
with a distillation of our hearts and souls,
For onto this earth, you bore beauty,
and from this earth, you shall inherit beauty.

Every day, Mama,
I celebrate you, my heroine.

A Happy Mothers Day Dedication to my Mama (Rosemary, With Love) and all mothers in the world, and all those who play a mother figure in lives of men and women of this earth!. 

By Sadique Kwatsima

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