Thursday, 11 July 2019

Everything Waits For You There

When you will get there,
you’ll find everything waits for you.
It’ll be gentle, it’ll be wild; but everything’s there.
Do not fear.

I assure you,
It’ll be a short sojourn:
It fades as fast as the morning dew,
and many end it in rue.

When you will get there,
Be sure to dilate the aperture through which wisdom sinks.
Use it to avoid being the oblique shadow of a solitude fortress
that waits for the sun to guide its moves.

Now go and experience it,
within the realm of nature and the universe, however,
Be keen to invent your immortality.
Fools say, “all of us are mortal,” but the wise know, “honor makes us immortal.”

But before you leave; son,
When you get there,
Be worry of wine and squaws
for they make immortal men mortal.

Sadique Kwatsima

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