Saturday, 6 May 2017

Red Tear

The Shield is broken,
And the spears have turned against their own.
The red is bleeding,
red blood is trickling all over white.

We are all forgetting what unites us at the top,
Yes, the black at the top,
But busy eliminating all the green,
No more Mau,
No more Taita,
No more Kakamega.
Charcoal black is better than the black at the top of our flag,
Dry logs are now better than our beautiful green nature
Our flag is left bare, just with red
Sores open, bleeding. 

Once, we were all black,
After a common war, a war against the colonialists,
A war we won in the green labyrinth.
But today, I am Wafula
And you are Nyambura,
Since when did we have a common leader,
Apart from them who gave us independence?
Our flag is weeping,
But it is weeping blood.

Peace, love and Unity
The yesterday’s song,
Today’s tribe and tribe and tribe.
Sovereign people,
Sovereign Kenyans,
Don’t we see the extinction we are prodding,
Against our own selves?

Sadique Kwatsima
Love, Kenya.

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