Thursday, 22 March 2018

Someday, Not Today

If we part today, honey,
Someday, not today,
We’ll all hurt so much, and feel so lonely.

If I ever lose you today,
My grief will always mourn.
My grief will always pant.

I will walk in this wide world,
I will trek to yonder and yonder,
I will trek beyond the grey horizons.

I will go everywhere seeking peace.
I will regret losing you,
I will cry for not being careful with you.

You’re full of grace,
The best human I’ve ever met, the one my heart chose.
So innocent, yet so lovely. So fulfilling!

Someday, not today,
If I lose you because of my folly,
I will go far away to wilt in my own silence, and shall never return again!

Sadique Kwatsima


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