Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Ancestors Legacy

My sons,
Keep vigil over your blood
And every day: invoke your forefathers
To give you a living guide.

My sons,
Tomorrow you will be contaminated
With the Eastern and Western tastes
But remember to offer the daily morsel to our spirits with gratitude.

My sons,
Don’t get too lost in ego and pride,
Denying yourselves the peace and happiness created by our forefathers’ bonds
And live in the cold by icy hands of fate.

My sons,
When you all learn to pull together as a family, and grow wide,
Regardless of mistakes:
You’ll build our beautiful homeland.

My sons,
This is my last word
For even as you advance within the new civilizations,
Keep the teachings of our forefathers – and strive to preserve their pride.

Sadique © 2019

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