Saturday, 23 July 2016

One Day, Some Day

One day,  some day
I shall stop this trek
And look back with a sigh
At the meanders I've trodden

Weary and weak
I know i will be
Grey and bent
Shaky and wiser

The good deeds 
The worst moments
The inevitable wrong encounters
I know,  all shall be beautiful,  
Beautiful memories over the decades

A fading smile on my lips
And sharp white aging eyes
Shall see beyond the azure
Seeing the rest of the journey
That shall need no more energy

My heart,  worry of my deeds now
For that's what shall remain
My soul,  worry of my feelings today
For that's what I'll carry along
My body,  worry of my heart and soul everyday, 
For they shall define me,  thereafter.


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