Sunday, 10 July 2016



Save us, Lord
For this world is craze
And the minds of men are raveling
Possibilities that we can’t even dare think of
Right now they come true, Lord

Tomorrow, I hear
There will be a great wedding
Harriet marries Juliet
And yesterday, I witnessed
World media broadcast and praise
Wallace wed Wales
It’s only the sane that fast for forgiveness

Bam! Bam! Bam!
Nights in the graveyards
Tuning jigs, awakening the dead spirits
Leaders who have to intercede for us to you Lord,
Now busy casting magical spells on us
Seeking to turn us into their own slaves
And more evil charms prodded for protection
Save us Lord.

Lord, today the first duty of the society, justice,
Is betrayed by the society
And even the courts are afraid
To impose charges on deadly dragons
That exhale fire on the whole nation leaving it in smoke and ashes
But sentence butterflies to imprisonment and torture
Who shall stand in for the poor?

The world is insane, the world is insane
Who shall stand with the sane?
Who shall stand with the believers?
Who shall stand with the just?
Save us, Lord.

Sadique 2016

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